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Queen Bank

We set up a queen bank the other day. Just some brood comb and honey comb and queenless bees. Catch all the queens at the same time and put them in together.

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March 30, 2021

Hi Michael,

How long are the shims that you use to create your hive tops?
Lowes has 7.75, 11.75, 14.5, and 15.25. I'm assuming the 15.25 is the one I should go with?

What kind of wood do you prefer for the hive top and what thickness?

Hello everyone! Went to Patreon page and saw the message to abandon ship! Here I am.

Name is James, from SE Michigan. 2nd year beekeeping season starting up. I started with 2 nucs last year. Caught a couple swarms and did a cutout. I went into winter with 5 and have emerged with 2. The surviving colonies were - you guessed it - swarms! Hoping to breed from those and looking forward to getting started making my first splits/queen castles etc...

February 05, 2021

Hi Michael,

I'm getting close to being ready for my first year as a beekeeper. I pre-ordered two local nucs and ordered woodware for two hives.

I'm going to start my apiary in the field near the house (about 300 feet). I'm going to cut the weed to make room for the hives and put a bit of fencing because we have many deer in the area.
-- Do you have any recommendations on fencing?

And last, I need to work on some kind of foundation/stand for the two hives. The field is on a small slope (near flat).
-- What do you recommend using for leveling the hives?

Edit: for top entrance hive.

-- What do you recommend for a hive stand?

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